Monday, November 23, 2009

Talking Parrots

-"Well, this week has overall been good. Had a couple days where I seriously just wanted to go home. Being here has really been hard and challenging for me."

-"Update on a couple of our investigators....Luiz and Estela. I think I wrote last week that they both had baptism dates. Well, neither went to church yesterday....argh! It's hard because so many people say yes and it's hard to know who is sincere and are willing to make changes. Last night we saw Luiz bueno..especially since we´ve already taught him the Word of Wisdom."

-"I am amazed with the Lord and how He continues to provide teaching opportunities for us! Monday night I had kinda a cool experience. My comp and I had done our planning for Tuesday. I was ready for bed and was saying a prayer. During my prayer I had a really strong feeling about Luiz. It was seriously like a voice said his name to me..I´ve never really had that happen before. I quickly realized we hadn´t included Luiz in our plan for Tuesday but felt and knew that we really needed to go to his house that next day. Tuesday came and we stopped by his house...his cousin, Fabian, was there and sat in our lesson about the Plan of Salvation. He seemed really interested and was asking a bunch of questions. Fabian attended church yesterday (without Luiz), asked for a Book of Mormon before we gave him one and last night we taught him (in his house that is about half the size of robbies room!) about the restoration, Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. He was totally receptive to our message and agreed to a baptism date for next month!! It's so awesome how the spirit is able to lead us to those people who are prepared!! I am excited about him. Now, we just need to get Luiz back in the game!"

-"Also, another cool thing! We´ve been teaching this 55 year old man, Daniel, who has been an on going investigator for 37 YEARS!! He´s from Uruguay and elders first contacted him when he was 18. Well, on Wednesday he told us he wants to be baptized!! I am estatic about it and so happy for him! I don´t know what changed his mind after 37 years but its awesome! The lord works in mysterious ways! He is a great guy..dec 4th is his date!!

-Only those that know Shauna's lingo will understand the following... " the pharse for be obedient. BO! Its the new BG for me. I have thought about BO often this week. I have a strong testimony of how obedience is key. By being obedient is how we receive blessings! (DC 130: 21) Also Jac, you asked about what I´m studying. Right now I´m focusing on PMG and the BOM. I read 20 mins of PMG every morning...right now I´m on ch. 9, and 40 mins from the BOM...right now i´m on 3 nephi 5!!"

-"Funny, this past week I was practicing teaching about the Fall to my comp while walking along the streets. All the sudden I hear someone repeating me. I look over and there is a parrot sitting on a fence talking about Adam and Eve!! It threw me off cuz I was like wait, parrots know Spanish??!! haha. It was funny! and kinda sad because the parrot sounded more native them me!"

-So, one thing I love here is that everyone drinks juice! They always offer it to us and I always think that they´re going to pull out a bottle of simply orange or minute maid but instead they pick off fruit from their trees or run to the market down the dirt road to buy a melon and they´ll make it fresh for us! Its pretty tasty!!"

-You asked about lunches. We eat with the same 6 familes each week. Only 6 cuz we don´t eat with people today on pdays. Usually the husband isn´t there but the wife and kids will eat with us. The bishops family just cooks it for us and lets us eat by ourselves which is kinda weird. I like when the fam eats with us! Ppeople have siestas many people are just sitting outside on the sidewalk in the shade sipping their tedide (cold matte) all afternoon. It's such a different culture!!"

-"Well familia, I think thats about it for this week! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you all! And I MISS you lots!! Whenever i see a horse on the street...which is often....i think of my herd back home and how I am so BG for each one of you! I hope you have a great thanksgiving this Thursday! We don´t have that holiday here which is kinda sad! an extra piece of pumpkin pie for me!!....and dad, you can have my portion of whip cream :). Hope you all have a great week!! Love you lots!! The church is true!!"

Shauna and Gabi (8 yrs old) "She gave me the
yellow toy--it's pretty fun! Oh..the red hat belongs
to her dad, Daniel, who always wears it as he sells
hamburgers at his cart! Peace out!"

Gilberto Caballero! Total Guarani man and
so generous!

A usual street here. Lots of cobblestone!!

Typical meal here-rice, noodles, meat, potato, bread.

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