Friday, August 28, 2009


When I was younger I never really thought about or wanted to serve a mission. Oh how things have changed! As many of you know, I report to the MTC this next Wednesday. Just 5 days to go. 

I was reading through my journal the other night and thought I would share this entry. It seems like a perfect way to start off this missionary blog.........

May 29, 2009
I got my mission call today! I will be serving in the Paraguay Asuncion mission. I will be speaking spanish and report on September 2nd. I am so excited! I never once thought Paraguay! I already have such a love and desire to serve the people down there. It's amazing how it just automatically feels right.
When I opened my letter from President Monson I was both really nervous and excited. I had an overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart which I have never felt so strong before. I am so thankful for the gospel. And for the love and support my family has shown me throughout this whole process. They are awesome--and that is an understatement. I hope the next 3 months pass by quick. I am ready to serve down there in South America!!

These past few months have definitely flown by. Back in May I thought September would never come...and here it is, just around the corner. Sometimes I find myself thinking 'wait, am I really going on a mission?!'  or 'shoot, what am I doing leaving for 18 months?!'  It is all so surreal, exciting, new and at times a little scary. But really, I can't wait! I look forward to my time in the MTC where I'll be learning a new language (or at least trying to!) and gaining a better knowledge of the gospel. I'm excited for the opportunity I'll then have to spend 16 months in South America experiencing a different culture, making new friends and most importantly, sharing a message of truth and happiness with the people in Paraguay. much as I hate goodbyes I guess it has to happen. 

My family will be keeping up this blog for me while I am feel free to check in often to see what I'm up to while on the mission.

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words, love and support. I hope the best for you all this next year and a half. Feel free to send me a letter whenever you'd like :) See you in March 2011....only about 548 days away!

Shauna (the very soon to be Sister Sargent)



  1. So AWESOME, Shauna. Yes, you will be sorely missed, but we can share you for a few short months!! I can't wait to hear about all your new experiences and especially can't wait to hear about those to whom you will bring the Gospel. You are going to be a great missionary.
    Love you so much.....

  2. I am so happy for you! This blog is such a good idea. You will do great, and I am sure you the people already love you as much as you already love them. I am excited to read this blog and see what great things you do. Loves!!!!! -Steph

  3. yay!!!!
    I am so excited for you to get out there!
    The MTC will be helpful as you will learn spanish better. But can't wait to hear about your experiences in Paraguay! Love you BFF :)


  4. holy cow! i can't get over the fact that you are leaving so soon for such a long time! It'll be way different. But so so good as well. You are really going to be a great missionary the people in Paraguay will love you!

  5. Shauna.. You're tearing your grandparents' hearts out, but we are so pleased that you have decided to serve a mission for our Heavenly Father. While we will miss you and your great sense of humor and fun, we know that you have made a good choice to serve. The people in Paraguay will be in store for an exciting experience with a vibrant, enthusuastic, young sister missionary.We love you; we will miss you; and we will pray for your safety and success. We know you will knock them over. We are so pleased that you are one of our grand daughters. :) Love from Grandma and Grandpa

  6. This is great Shauna! I can't wait to hear about all your experiences and adventures. I think it's going to be really neat for us all to have a missionary in the family right now. I'm selfishly excited because I have 4 missionaries to raise and you'll be a great example to and for well as for Robbie...and all the rest of us. mucho loves!

  7. I am so excited for you Shauna and so glad your family is keeping this blog for you, it will be great to hear how you are doing. Best of luck and we will be sending our good toughts and love your way!!!